Dead Weight

Leaders here are all created equal

Welcome to the Weight Room

We are a casual ps3 clan that likes to have fun playing battlefield but we can also get our hands dirty in some competition. Most of us know each other from BFBC2 but we have made new friends during our BF3 experience. We are not the best clan out there but we can pull our own weight. If you'd like to have a clan match or scrimmage be sure to check out the Contact section. We welcome new members but have in mind that not everybody will be accepted. 

Dead Weight's Divisions

Dead Weight's Battlelog


Want to play with us?
Join our servers

If you want to test our skills or show off your skills you can join our servers at any time, just search for dw8 in the search engine in Battlefield. Our rules are simple and reasonable, if you don't comply you will be given either a second warning or simply kicked/temporarily banned:

  • Be respectul of dw8 members and guests.
  • No ramming of air vehicles
  • Space will be made for vip members, meaning you can be kicked.
  • No glitches and cheating.

In order to keep our server running, please feel free to donate. All funds will be used for the renting of servers and/or products produced for the members.

Don't have a PayPal account?
You can send psn card codes as support for the servers to Iceman and M10 who are in charge of our servers. Check out the Contact section for the info.

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